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So on our site, you have the opportunity to play in three different schools, all introduced through the books. Of course, most of what we know about Hogwarts is common knowledge so I will not be spending much time talking about that. With Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, however, we don't have nearly as much information. Most of what we've come up with has been compiled from the books, Pottermore, as well as my own ideas. So with that said, let us begin! hogwarts As stated above, I'm not going to spend much time on Hogwarts. Hogwarts is located in Scotland someplace an services the UK. Students travel from London via train and arrive at a castle. First years are sorted the first night into one of four houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, or Ravenclaw. This is where they will spend the nest 7 years. Hogwarts offers a wide variety of classes. Other than that, I think I don't need to say too much more. beauxbatons Beauxbatons is located near the Pyrenees mountains and is a rather large chateau. It has rolling grounds and gorgeous gardens and features a large fountain dedicated to Nicolas Flamel. The chateau is 3 stories high, with the houses and the teachers offices being held on the first two floors along with the library and dining hall. The fourth floor is where the house dormitories are held, each house occupying a corner. Students arrive to the school each year from several locations and pick the one closest to where they live. Each location has a carriage pulled by winged horses that takes the students to Beauxbatons.

Sorting for Beauxbatons is much like Hogwarts where it is done when the students first arrive. Their sorting methods, however, are very different. Each student takes a potion that more or less causes them to go through a series of tests in a dream state. Only they can see what is going on and what happens and it is different for everyone as it all depends on how they react to the different things. Once completely, the student will come to and be glowing a color that corresponds with the house they have been sorted into and that is the house they then join. They have four houses, each named after a different bird: Hibou, Cygne, Moineau, and Paon.

The Hibou house is represented by the owl and their colors are dark green and gold. This is a house that focuses on academics and skills and is for those who are more research minded and those who pursue knowledge in some form or fashion (even if it isn't necessarily for classes). Those with a curious mind can be found here, even if they may not be the smartest. A Hibou is never satisfied with one answer and is always seeking more. They want to know how things work, want to know why. Sometimes they're a bit clueless because they can have a bit of a one track mind and are also your dreamers and scientist, your visionaries with the means to make life better and create new spells and inventions.

The Moineau house is represented by the sparrow and their colors are coral and steel blue. A Moineau is not one to want all eyes on them. They are peaceful people and just want to get along with all and want everyone to get along with them. You also tend to see a lot of creative minds in this group when it comes to the arts. Some are super creative and artsy. Most of them are also selfless, helpful, and giving. They put others before themselves and are the mediators, the ones that try to stop the fighting and love to make others happy as well.

The Cygne house is represented by the swan and their colors are plum and royal blue. The Cygne house seeks those who seek justice and truths, those that are honest and speak their minds. They work hard and for some of them, everything is black and white, no in between. They can sometimes be a bit insensitive but for the most part, if you want to know the truth you seek them out. They are truth seekers, as well as those always in pursuit of justice. They stand up for what they believe in and they also stand up for those that might not be able to do it for themselves. They are very moral creatures and always believe in doing the right thing, no matter how hard.

The Paon house is represented by the peacock and their colors are sea green and turquoise. This group is known for those that have a better than you attitude, though not all of them are like that. The stuck up ones tend to give the rest a bad rep, even though they are not the majority. They are the risk takers, the ones that seem to sometimes lack common sense with the silly stunts they try. They can be rebellious and provocative, but also brave and chivalrous. They have the best of traits and the worst of traits, the rebels but also the heroes. The Paon encompasses your typical villains, heroes, and all our rebels. They aren't afraid to try new things and like to shake up their routines quite frequently.

As for academics at Beauxbatons, many students take magical theory into their upper levels (as all students are required to take a very basic class about magical theory their first year) and there is a greater importance put on classes such as Herbology, Charms, and Transfiguration as Beauxbatons is known for its healers as well as their students impressive spell work. They also offer a wide variety of other classes though and their class list is very similar to Hogwarts' class list. durmstrang Durmstrang is located in eastern Europe and is a castle surrounded by mountains on all sides, though they still have plenty of space for grounds, a quidditch pitch, and a large lake which is how one gets to and from the school. Students board boats from several set locations and the boats travel out to sea where they eventually hit a spot that transports them underwater and from the sea to the lake that brings them into Durmstrang. The castle itself has many areas that are exposed to the elements, thus the need for heavy coats and fur in the uniform as students often are outside walking to and from classes. The ground floor holds the dining hall and kitchens as well as the garrison, that has been renovated to be the dorm that holds the first year students. Grindelwald's dorm is located below the ground floor in the dungeon along with a few classes that require more space, such as dueling. The remaining four houses each have their dormitories in one of the four towers of the castle.

Sorting for Durmstrang is vastly different than the other two schools. First years spent their entire first year unsorted. They take classes and essentially have to prove themselves to the professors and upperclassmen. Each house has a committee that chooses who they want and is usually compiled of four older students (in their 6th and 7th years) and the Glaven Profesor of that house. At the end of their first year, then they hold a sorting ceremony where each child is chosen by a house, much like a fraternity. Every year, the picking order is the same with Grindelwald getting first pick of students followed by Munter, Poulsen, Eriksen, then Vulchanova. Durmstrang seeks to embrace and focus its attentions on the strongest and most skilled students in their fields. In most of the houses, you get an even mix of good and bad eggs, with certain houses getting preferential treatment over others.

The house of Grindelwald is the most prestigious and is known for turning out both famous and infamous wizards and witches, such as it's namesake. Typically Grindelwald is the house most people want to be a part of because of their reputation, though they are very selective about the types of students they choose. The house is represented by a dragon and the colors of the house are dark red and slate grey. Many of the students in this house are charming and enigmatic, fierce and strong. They are loyal to their house and have lots of house pride. A lot of them are known to be bullies, but some are genuinely good people. You get your good and bad with this bunch. Many get in based on family name and money, some get in on pure talent and skills in various areas.

The house of Munter is known for many of their students dueling skills as well as overall athletic ability. Named after the headmaster that established their dueling and more physical curriculum, this house tends to take the skilled athletes not chosen for Grindelwald as well as those who show promise in dueling or any other physical area. They also take a lot of those that are charming and smooth talkers, those that are big and imposing, could best you in a fight. The house is represented by a griffin and the house colors are orange and dark blue.

The house of Poulsen is the one known for its academia. When chosing for their house, they tend to go for those with intellect and those that focus on school, want to be on top when it comes to academics. This house is extremely competitive when it comes to school even amongst themselves. They all want to be number one and do whatever they can do get it, even if it takes a sneaky approach. They want to be the smartest and the brightest and focus more on the academics, vastly different from the house of Munter. Their house is represented by a sphinx and their house colors are sky blue and periwinkle.

The house of Eriksen is one known for his creativity. It houses those that view the world differently and many of its students are skilled in an art form of some sort. This house tends to and tend to take those that have their heads in the clouds because they're thinking of their next creation, whether it be a potion or painting. They encourage imagination and creation over academics, though many still do well in school. Many of them are interested in magical theory and the creation of spells and various other things and some even attempt to make things under the table such as potions and minor spells (with the professors turning a blind eye). Their house is represented by a phoenix and their colors are orange-red and goldenrod.

The house of Vulchanova is mostly the catch all house and is where all those that were not wanted by the other houses wind up. Considered the rejects, this house is a modge podge of talent and skills. Many end up here if they can't get into another house no matter how hard they try whereas others could care less and end up in Vulchanova due to not wanting to be in any of the other houses. Their house is represented by a unicorn and their colors are lavender and pale green.

Durmstrang still has a penchant for dark magic as the dark arts are still taught and muggleborns are still banned from attending due to the still prevalent prejudices held in that region of Europe. Their academia also features dueling as a required class each year. While many try to infiltrate the school in order to investigate allegations that they are teaching dark arts among other things, it is nearly impossible to get into the school without receiving a memory erasure of how to get there and of all the things they won't want getting out unless you are staff or a student attending.

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