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laura • she/her
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laura the ho
the ho's likes
disney, chris evans, children, dogs, cats, animals in general honestly, socks, hot chocolate, penguins, reality competition shows, halloween, christmas, alicia, football, as in the american kind (though i also like football football or as we holligans call it, soccer), skittles, sour things, suckers (lollipops since some people don't call them suckers), sucking on things in general honestly (take that how you want it), moony, making people happy, glitter, sparkles, trying to paint
the ho's dislikes
pickles, mayonnaise, raw tomatoes, i'm honestly picky about food so gonna stop there, anxiety, feeling trapped, snakes, heights, people who make fun of my accent and/or the way i say things (i am southern okay i can't help it), being hot (the temperature, we all know i am a 1/10 on an attractive scale)
the ho's history
once upon a time a hot mess was born. she lived her very boring life and that was that. the end.
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