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Gideon McDonald, a Pureblood, left his family and wealth behind when he fell in love with Helen Edwards, a Muggle. Despite everything that Gideon would lose, he knew it was worth it. And it was. For ten years the happy couple would go on trips around the world, paying their way as best as possible. And on those occasions they couldn't afford travel, they would simply take root wherever they were until the desire to leave (and enough money was available) would come.

After ten years, Helen wished to settle down and start a family. Gideon, having never told Helen of his magical abilities, worried about his future child. Gideon, however, chose not to inform his wife that he was a wizard and that their child would be one as well. Though looking back he knew it was wrong, Gideon instead allowed his daughter, Amelia, to grow up as if she were a Muggle, going to Muggle schools and living a normal, Muggle life.

When Amelia was seven, her mother experienced Amelia's burgeoning magical talents. Of course, her skills were raw and untrained and wild. Helen spoke with Gideon and Gideon finally admitted that he was a wizard. Helen did not take the news well and her attitude toward her husband and daughter changed. She began to be verbally abusive toward Amelia. This changed Amelia's attitude all around.

Before the event, Amelia was a happy child. Afterward, she became despondent for a while, eventually growing out of her sadness once she was accepted to Hogwarts. Before Hogwarts, however, she felt the ire every time her mother would look at her. Helen would berate her daughter telling her that she was trash or worthless and that Amelia was a mistake that Helen wished she could take back.

When Amelia received her invitation to Hogwarts, she was surprised, to say the least, because her father had only recently began talking to her about Hogwarts and magic in general. Despite not knowing too much, she was still excited to go to the famous school and learn magic the proper way. She hoped that she could make her father proud. Her mother, Amelia knew, would never accept her as a witch and therefore would avoid talking to her about anything, especially when it involved magic.

Just after Amelia returned from her first full year at Hogwarts, Amelia arrived at the train station to find only her father. When asked where her mother was, her father admitted that her mother had left. It would now just be the two of them and though she was momentarily sad for her father, Amelia was glad that a terrible woman was out of her life.

Her time at Hogwarts has not been extraordinary. She has a few friends, but not many. She studies as best she can and participates in a few other activities. One discovery that Amelia made during her fourth year was that she started having feelings for girls. Amelia had already had a boyfriend during her first year. Of course, it wasn't that special to her but she felt it was something that she had to try. During her fourth year, when she was single, she noticed a few girls in her dorm and had similar feelings as when she had looked at boys. Still confused, Amelia has not admitted her feelings to anyone, especially not her family.
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