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knives. guns. pasta. wine. beer. big dogs. small cats. deadly birds. petite women. horror anything. his hair. cherry pie. motorcycles. antique shops. old black and white movies. classic literature. learning new languages. thunderstorms. sex. gum chewing and snapping. his hair being played with. playful teasing.
raf's dislikes
spiders. most bugs. being told no. dumb chick movies and shows. reality tv. trains. planes. overly crowded cities. fog. bright lights. broccoli. taffy candy. fruity mixed drinks. clunky gold jewelry. crowded car rides. raspberry iced tea. burnt toast. avocado anything.
raf's history
Your family wasn't very loving. That much was certain from the very moment that you were brought into the world. You served one purpose, and one purpose only; you were born to be the son to your father. The one to carry on the family legacy and business and nothing more. Nothing less, especially in that sense and regard as well.

The first couple of years that you were in the world and around others, you were raised with the help of your father's extended family. You were a baby, but not babied by any means. The moment you were able to walk and hold things, it seemed like they wanted to put a gun in that hand of yours. Or at least something sharp. Anything that could do damage and hurt someone or something and cause for blood to run in any shape or means.

When you were about five, your father got you your first real gun. He showed you how to shoot it. And by show you, he was also showing you how to torture someone at the same time. That was also the same day and moment that you watched someone die for the first time right before your very eyes. Well; that you can recall and remember anyways. That was the first death you saw with your very own youthful eyes; and you knew right then and there that this was the life for you.

Not that you had much of a choice anyways, but it was the same anyways. By the time you were eight or nine; you were not only great with shooting and quite accurate but also rather skilled with knives and with using them in many a way to get whatever it was that you wanted. You also happened to be pretty good at torture and tormenting others, something your father seemed rather proud of finally.

By the time you were old enough to be whisked away to Beauxbatons, you were a cynical child obsessed with blood and torture and didn't know much of what to think with school. It was a strange place for you to be without your father and his guidance. But thankfully you had cousins there as well. You had support. Not that you needed it all really, you had it all under control as far as you were concerned.

You were sorted into Paon and the attention grabbing aspect of your house truly stuck to you more so than honey ever could have or any rumor spread by a sixteen year old girl. During your time at school, you made certain to keep up with the lessons your father had always taught you; act first and think and question much much later. You found easy targets. Other students you could lure into small dark places of the school and 'knife play' with them. It was the only thing that kept you entertained during the mundane boring school days and years that soon came to follow you, dragging behind.

The years you spent at that school were interesting to say the least. You didn't like to try and claim you ran the school per se, but you certainly incited fear and terror into many who dared to look your way. You liked it better that way anyways. You preferred this. You liked being the crazy blood and knife obsessed kid at school. It kept the idiots away and the people you didn't want near you at bay.

By the time you graduated; you were a full blown knife wielding crazy man who was ready to become a full blown adult and work deeper and deeper in the family business. Graduation could not come soon enough and the very immediate Summer after you graduated; you got to solo kill your first person. You had aided in killing someone before now, but this? This was special. You were now officially a full blown man and member of the family business. A thing to which even this day you hold onto; very very much so.
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