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Khiani was born into a Pureblooded Irish family that loved her. They loved her so much that they sent her away to America when she was two. Khiani’s parents, Howard and Georgia Kennedy had been at the Quidditch World Cup when it was attacked by Death Eaters. Even though they were Purebloods, they had never wished harm against Muggle-borns or Halfbloods. They believed Albus Dumbledore and his companions and even believed that Harry Potter was the one that would eventually defeat the Dark Lord. Because of all of this, Howard and Georgia felt they needed to keep their daughter safe, choosing to send her to America to live with relatives, away from the magical terror that was beginning to wage in Europe.

During her time in America, Khiani lived in a rural, wooded area surrounded by forests. Khiani would wander into the forest, despite her youth and sit amongst the trees. Her aunt and uncle would later tell her parents of her affinity for looking for adventure. Her aunt and uncle, Katrina and Thomas Henley did their best to encourage Khiani to learn about the forest around them and the animals that resided there. As Khiani grew, she would venture into the woods for longer periods of time, searching out the animals and exploring anything that she could find.

Around her third birthday, Khiani was given a picture book about pixies and their adventures in the forests. Believing herself to be a pixie, and that was the reason she loved the forest so much, Khiani began calling herself that, having had trouble saying her own given name. She would wear pretend wings all the time and run around calling herself pixie, including correcting her aunt and uncle and cousins when they would use her proper name. Eventually, the nickname stuck. As Khiani grew into her school years, the nickname had become so common that everyone around Khiani simply called her Pixie. This was fine with the girl as she had come to loathe her proper name, having had difficulty spelling it when she was first learning.

After Voldemort was defeated, Khiani was brought home to parents that she didn’t know and an Ireland she didn’t remember. It took her several years before she would trust her parents and it wouldn’t be until she had become an Auror that she would truly understand why her parents did what they did. For Khiani, learning about magic came easy to her. Her parents, while not great wizards themselves, knew enough magic to teach her the basics. They also found tutors to train her in other magical skills.

When her eleventh birthday arrived, Khiani could not sleep. She wasn’t excited for her actual birthday, she was excited for the sheer anticipation of an owl arriving. Unfortunately, the owl did not arrive in the morning and Khiani was faced with the realization that an owl might not arrive at all. This led to several hours of Khiani being quiet and serious – two things which she was not commonly. It all changed when an owl finally arrived toward evening and all hope that had been lost was now returned.

Hogwarts was a special time for Khiani. She was sorted into Gryffindor and took to the schooling very easily. She was not the smartest in her classes, by far, but she took pride in learning in each and every class. Her best class, though, was Defense Against the Dark Arts. She excelled at it and it led her to become an Auror when she graduated. It took a few years to become a full-fleged Auror, but once she did, it was almost a disappointment. There was work to do, but for Khiani, she started to tire of the Auror life. She looked around and discovered that Hogwarts was hiring, so she immediately put her name in for Defense Against the Dark Arts. Khiani felt the same way she did when she was waiting for her invitation to attend Hogwarts when she was ten, emotions going up and down and all over the place. Finally, she was offered the position and Khiani has been happy teaching students how to protect themselves instead of chasing the lowlifes of the world.

Khiani was in a relationship after her graduation and it even led to marriage. Sadly, the marriage dissolved after a few years when Khiani got pregnant. Khiani was left with a child, a daughter, named Sage, making sure that her own child did not suffer from a hatred of her own first name. Her daughter, naturally, attends Hogwarts and is in her fifth year, but Khiani does her best to stay out of her affairs, though, as a single mother, she still tries to be her friend.
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