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James Sirius Potter
Jamie's likes
Quidditch (watching it, playing it, talking about it, obsessing over it), chocolate, sleeping, winning, flying, his entire family, parties, pranking everyone, teasing people (esp. his siblings), adventures in new places
Jamie's dislikes
Waking up, mornings, coffee, that look some people give you when they hear "Potter", the people who give that look (and then try to be your new best friend), doing laundry, lectures from his father, losing
Jamie's history
Born mere days before Christmas, on the 20th of December, James Sirius Potter is the firstborn child of Harry Potter and his wife Ginny. There was an announcement made in the papers, but no photo of the baby was released to the press, despite immense curiosity and speculation. In fact, his first brush with the press was a leaked photograph when he was just a few months old.

As a small child, James isn’t quite aware of the three very heavy names put upon him and how hard it will be to live up what people would come to expect from someone named James Sirius Potter. He always knew he father was a war hero, who didn’t know that? But he was also raised on a steady diet of the few known stories of his grandfather and father’s godfather he had been named for. There was a certain swagger that came with the territory, a certain greatness his name struck in the minds of those who would meet him.

From the get go, James was a mama’s boy. He was close to both of his parents, but preferred his mum above all else. This made the birth of Albus quite difficult on a tiny little boy who wasn’t used to sharing his parents with anyone but his father’s godson, Teddy, who was older and didn’t require as much attention as James. Not to mention, he didn’t live there. Albus required a lot of attention and never left.

Lily came a few years after Albus came, long after James had already adjusted and fallen very much in love with his little brother and helping to care for him, spending long hours playing with him or tormenting him, whichever seemed like more fun. His adjustment to a sister was much easier, he was older and ready for another sibling to play with and carry out jokes and pranks on. There was the year he told his younger brother and sister that Christmas was really for him, everyone just liked to celebrate a bit later and the two younger kids were very welcome that he allowed them to share in his day.

From the time he was officially the oldest of 3, time suddenly sped forward. James had practiced for years playing Quidditch and obsessing over it, that suddenly he was no longer half bad when he played with his dad (his favorite person to play Quidditch with) outside. In fact, he was very good and had much natural talent for it. He had already shown his first signs of magic (snacks from the counter used to find their way into his greedy little hands and the clothing he didn’t want to wear suddenly shrunk).

Before anyone knew what had hit them, the Potters’ oldest baby was kissing his mother goodbye, hugging his father, and telling his younger siblings to cause trouble in his absence and then climbing onto the train, speeding away toward school and adolescence. It was his first step this far away from home. To the surprise of very few, he was sorted into Gryffindor almost before the hat even touched his head. To James’s own surprise, however, he found he was not as brave as he had thought and after two nights away from home, he became intensely homesick and wrote to his parents every week for a year. Of course, he told nobody of this little habit.

By the time his third year rolled around, James had already established himself as a chaser on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Predictably, they had tried him as a seeker at first, but he found he had no patience to try to see the snitch and usually lost his concentration. He excelled as chaser, helping bring the team to many victories and shining quite brightly as a very talented player. Along with that talent, charm and popularity, he finally found the swagger that lived up to his name, sauntering through the hallways like he owned the place, showing up to parties like he thought himself a VIP.

Predictably, his grades left a lot to be desired. They were as good as they needed to be to stay on the team and to keep his mother from marching up to the school to berate him in the middle of the Great Hall, as she had no doubt threatened to do on several occasions, mostly due to an absurd amount of rule breaking. James thought he was really quite funny, pulling pranks on his teachers and fellow students, cracking jokes and all around acting like a clown. His mother and his professors, however, didn’t think it was quite as funny as he did.

When the hormones started kicking in and raging in all of the puberty age kids, James finally started to notice girls. Or, rather, he noticed the fact that he wasn’t noticing girls when all of the other boys were oohing and ahhing and discussing girls in ways that…well…ways that James would rather talk about other boys, but he kept his mouth shut, because at first he didn’t understand why they all wanted the girls so badly and why he was so indifferent to them.

After that, he didn’t want to understand the feelings he was having; he didn’t want to understand why there were boys he really liked to look at or boys he had dreams about the way his friends talked about girls. Boys who play on Quidditch teams like girls, all the boys on his team had pretty much said as much.

This, while he had never had anything against it, was not how this plan was supposed to go. There was never a doubt that his family wouldn’t care, he knew that his family wouldn’t bat an eyelash and would love him just the same. It wasn’t a big deal to anyone but him. But, it was the way everyone was treating him, it was like he was supposed to have a new girlfriend every week, being that he was good looking, very talented, charming, funny and outgoing. And so began the years of countless girls. Girls that lasted maybe 3 months or maybe just a night. Girls that were attractive, easy to get into bed and easy to get out of bed. Girls, all girls. If he never addressed what he was feeling, then he never had to acknowledge it. After a while, it was simply too late. How could he possibly backtrack after all of that? He had gotten himself tangled in a sticky web.

After graduating from Hogwarts with dead average grades, James was recruited, as a chaser, to Puddlemere United, effectively launching a Quidditch career, instead of the Auror path so many people seemed to think he would take, after his father. Even if his grades had been good enough, which they absolutely had not been, James had never been interested in any job involving the Ministry of Magic or waking up before noon. Now, living the dream with his job and freedom, at only 20 years old, he is ready to take on the world.
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