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ariel aaden vidal
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flying, charms, cold brew coffee, sherbet lemon, magical photography, snogging, old clothes, old movies (especially old silent films), running, swimming, body & facial hair, mushrooms & biscuits, parties, food, exploring hogwarts, meeting new people, visits to hogsmeade.
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eating in public, perfume & cologne, wet socks, wet clothes, hardback books, having his picture taken, writing essays, losing, arguing, rainy days, hot coffee, hot chocolate.
ari's history
ariel aaden vidal is born to abilene vidal and selma vidal, two women more in love with each other than anyone in the world. he showed all the warning signs, and they always knew. he never startled at loud sounds, was never soothed by their gentle lullabies, never enjoyed ringing bells, shaking rattles, never responded to his name, all of his ceaseless babbling was in the same pitch, didn't dance along to the weird sisters. when they found out for sure that ariel was deaf, they weren't surprised. he'd always been more responsive to hand signals, smiles, seemed so in tune with their body language and facial expressions. just a slight worry line in their foreheads, and ariel was crawling into their laps, trying to rock them until they were soothed to sleep.

he showed signs early on. even before he could walk, ariel hated wearing shoes. his shoes always disappeared. they'd pulled shoes out of the main plumbing line, the microwave, on the roof, shrunken to doll size in the silverware drawer. his mothers weren't sure what to make of it, until sometime before his eleventh birthday, a woman in a green velvet cloak arrived at their front door. she carried a leather-bound briefcase, wore a pointed hat, and carried with her a letter with a wax seal, addressed to ariel vidal. she'd come to explain that ariel vidal was a wizard, and he'd been accepted into hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. abilene and selma were skeptical at first, but it all made sense: he'd been showing little "signs" of magic since before he could even walk.

at hogwarts, ariel was sorted into hufflepuff. he struggled to fit in at school, due to being deaf and the anxiety that revolved around being deaf in a mainstream environment, but he excelled in his classes, especially charms, with a little extra tutoring in nonverbal magic, and a self-created captioning spell. the school could only be so accommodating: within his first couple of years, ariel learned the ins and outs of navigating the hearing world without his hearing, his own magic his favorite accessibility device.

in his third year, he joined the hufflepuff quidditch team as the seeker. he loved to fly, to feel the wind whip his face and cut through his hair as he sped up and down the quidditch pitch, his robes shudding and cracking in the air behind him. he loved floating high above the game, watching a blur of yellow and black against green and silver, or red and gold, or blue and bronze. he had a decent eye, but it was the dive he loved the most. infamous at hogwarts for his feints and uncharacteristically ruthless sportsmanship, ariel was a force to be reckoned with on his broomstick. while he didn't always catch the snitch, he kept the other seeker distracted long enough for hufflepuffs chasers to ramp up the points. boy, did he love to draw a game out for as long as he could. fair's fair. that's what he'd say.

now in his fifth year at hogwarts, ariel is totally not ready for OWLs. all of his energy is focused on his social, romantic, and quidditch life. he's too busy being a teenager to be thinking about what he wants to be when he grows up. he's shirked his counseling, his grades are slipping, he's trying to stay on track, but snogging is just so much better than homework.

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