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Malachi Alexander Thorne
Mal's likes
working on cars. a well-deserved drink at the end of the day, hard work paying off, a good lay (with no strings), his job, spending time with friends, watching sports (any kind) on the telly
Mal's dislikes
being underestimated, being looked down on because he's a werewolf, his job scrutinizing him because he's a werewolf, the urges he gets being a werewolf, being a werewolf, idiots who think they are above the law, people who try to gets too close to him
Mal's history
blood isn't family
The Thornes are a middle class family of English-Irish decent. They hail from Henley-on-Thames where Nathanial used to work for an insurance company and Fiona works as a paralegal for the local magistrate.
Malachi's speaking voice:
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It is never easy growing up feeling like you're not good enough. That is how Malachi lived his entire life, even though he had enough things going for him to make him so much better than he believed himself to be. His parents always favored his older brother and he could just never do anything to make them praise him the way they did his brother, no matter how hard he tried.

When he was attending school (before Hogwarts), a lot of the kids made fun of him. His brother is the one who egged them on, but their parents never did anything about it. Their sweet boy Benjamin would never do such a thing to his own brother. They were sure of it. They had always been blinded by him; they saw him through rose colored glasses, Malachi always said. He hated it, but he couldn't do anything about it.

Malachi always tried to keep himself busy so that he didn't have the time to think about how lonely he was. This had been his driving force behind volunteering at the local soup kitchen as well as at the community resource center. He did whatever he could for his age to keep himself busy as well as appreciated, because those places were the only times Malachi ever thought that anyone actually cared about what he did.

And then, after he turned eleven, a woman named Ramilda came to his home to speak with him and his parents. At first, they thought Malachi had done something wrong and grey angry, but the woman explained that she was a witch and that Malachi was a wizard. She produced a thick envelope and handed it to Malachi, his acceptance letter to Hogwarts. They were all shocked, since they always believed magic was made up for entertainment purposes,

At first, his parents said they wouldn't pay for it. But then Ramilda explained that he could take out a loan with the wizard bank, Gringotts, and replay it when he finished school and got a job, similar to that of a person taking out a loan to go to a university. Upon hearing this, Fiona changed her mind (Malachi overheard her later telling her father that she did it to save face, because appearances were everything to Fiona). She agreed that they would pay for everything, but that Malachi would have to pay it all back. He happily agreed.

Ramilda told them that she'd be back in a few days to take him to get his school stuff. Only he went because no one in his family was around to take him. Benjamin made sure to keep his parents occupied so that they couldn't go. All the better, in his opinion. Malachi hadn’t wanted his brother coming because he was sure he'd have ruined the whole thing for him somehow. This was his and his alone and he didn't want Benjamin trying to take the day away from him.

Malachi was amazed by Diagon Alley. The first place they went to was Gringotts so that he could exchange the Muggle money. He listened as Ramilda explained how to count the wizarding money (17 Sickles in a Galleon, and 29 Knuts in a Sickle, meaning there are 493 Knuts to a Galleon) so that he could purchase everything he needed. He was grateful for her being there because he knew that this amazing experience would only be ruined if his parents and brother had been there. By the time he was done that day, he was more than ready to head off to Hogwarts.

When she dropped him off that evening, Ramilda told Malachi that she'd meet him at King's Cross on September 1st. He hadn't been sure if his parents would even bring him there, sure that his brother would find some way to mess it all up, but only his mother took him to the train station. His father had been off with Benjamin somewhere. He saw Ramilda waiting for him and he said goodbye to his mother before heading over to her.

He said goodbye to Ramilda and then got settled on the train. He pulled out his History of Magic book (he hadn’t taken any of his magical stuff out of his trunk since he bought it because he didn't want his brother ruining anything) and started to read. He knew next to nothing about magic so that seemed like the best place to start. By the time he got to school, he felt like he had a better understanding of it all, even if he still felt disadvantaged.

When the train arrived, he and the rest of the students filed out and went to their respective places. All of the first years were herded off to a series of boats to cross a huge lake while the other students took up seats in horseless carriages to go up to the vast castle. He found himself more excited than nervous. He just hoped he did well. The last thing he wanted to do was flunk out. That would only give Benjamin something else to make fun of him for.

The Sorting Ceremony began and Malachi waited nervously for his turn. Upon his turn, the Hat shouted Ravenclaw, and there were loud cheers coming from one of the long house tables. This was one of the few times that Malachi ever felt accepted and he never felt happier. He actually felt like he belonged somewhere. That night, once he was settled into his new dormitory, he penned an owl to Ramilda to tell his all about his sorting.

When Malachi began his actual magical education, he couldn't contain his excitement or enthusiasm. He seemed a bit overwhelming to some people, but he couldn't help it. For once in his life, he was somewhere that he actually had friends and his brother wasn't there to make it all about him. Those two factors made it all the better for Malachi and he enjoyed his time there.

He did very well in his classes, just as he had done in his Muggle classes when attending school back in Henley-on-Thames, and made a number of friends during his time at school. He dreaded going home for breaks and the summers, but only because he often felt like a stranger in his own home. He hated it and always kept a calendar to tick down the days until he returned to Hogwarts. That was his true home, in his opinion.

He kept his school and home lives separate. He never had friends come over and always tried to visit them when he could. He always just said that his family wasn't openly accepting of magic and his education at Hogwarts and it was generally accepted. He just never wanted anyone to know that he had a shitty home life. He never wanted anyone to pity him or make him feel like less of a person because of his ridiculous family.

It took a few years for his family to come to terms with the magic. Occasionally, his parents, mainly his mother, seemed genuinely interested in his schooling and what he was learning, but Benjamin always had a way of changing the subject and taking the attention back. He was just jealous, Malachi knew it, but he knew his brother would never admit it. This would be the only time in their lives that Benjamin would ever want something that Malachi had. Or so the younger brother thought.

a perfect illusion
In his sixth year, a girl by the name of Melissa Stram asked Malachi out on a date. She was in his year, but a Slytherin (not that that mattered any), and they had become friends over the years at Hogwarts. Eventually, their casual dates turned into serious ones and they 'went steady'. Malachi was happy and he felt loved, two things he never really had growing up. He knew that he had everything he needed.

When they finished school, he started working at the Ministry as an Auror and she started at St. Mungo's as a Healer. Before they finished their training, Malachi asked Melissa to marry him, and she said yes. They both still had a year of training to go and things were falling into place for him. When their training finished, they set a date and got started on the plans. All was well in the world, or so Malachi thought.

One night, Malachi got out of work earlier than expected and walked into his parents' home to find Benjamin on the sofa kissing Melissa. Needless to say, Malachi flipped out on them both and Benjamin was very lucky Malachi didn't hex his right there. They both were, in fact. He called off the wedding and ended up getting into a fight with his parents as well since they didn't seem to think there was a problem and thought Malachi was overreacting.

That would be the last time Malachi would see or speak to his family. He had thankfully paid them back every cent they ever gave him towards his school things, though that had left him with very little to live on. Ramilda let him stay with her for a bit, until he was able to save up enough to get back on his feet. He was grateful to have her help him.

After that, he threw himself into his work. He even got more into his developing hobby of fixing up old bikes and cars on the side. The hours spent in the garage helped him forget about magic for a bit, when it sometimes got to be too much. And then catching the bad guys gave him a way to get all of his anger and aggression out. Why not beat people up if he could get away with it?

He heard it through the grapevine that his brother married Melissa, but Malachi didn't care. He was done with her, his family, and relationships. He might have casual lovers and dates, but that was the extent of it. Melissa had ruined him and he didn't give a shit. Maybe one day he'll meet someone to change his mind, but he isn't holding his breath, or looking for that girl. If he had his way, he'd remain a bachelor forever.

In 2023, Malachi received an owl from his sister in law (because that is the only way he will refer to her now, [s]unless he is calling her a cunt[/s]) telling him that his father passed away. Malachi refused to go to the funeral since he didn't want to face his family, mainly his brother and Melissa, again. He saw her occasionally at the hospital (hard not to in his line of work), but he avoided her like the plague. And he refused to have her help him. He'd rather die than let her be his Healer.

There is no doubt that he is good at what he does for a living. He tries to forget his past, but, sadly, it isn't too distant of a past to forget. He still won't trust himself to be in a serious relationship and he has yet to see or speak to his family. He's even become somewhat of an alcoholic now, as he tries to drink away his sorrows. He is content with his life right now though and, until he really finds that special someone, he will continue to live his life as he does.

the wolf in me
A few months after his father died, Malachi was on the job when he managed to come into contact with a werewolf. He had not realized at the time that it was the full moon or that the person he was after was in fact a werewolf. Being an 'all-in or nothing' kind of person, Malachi went after the guy and didn't think twice. That would end up being his undoing because the guy turned into a werewolf and attacked Malachi.

He never saw it coming. He never knew what to expect. He woke up in the hospital a week or so later groggy and confused. He didn't even know where he was (he hadn't been taken to St. Mungo's because he had been undercover at the time and had no magical identification on him. he had his wand, but that had been destroyed in the attack. He would end up needing to buy a new one once he was released from the hospital.

It took him a few more weeks to realize what happened to him. the upcoming full moon brought about some changes within him that he hadn’t expected, but had thankfully managed to live through. His first transformation was the worst of all because he had no idea what to expect and he didn't know if was going to happen. That had been a disaster with a capitol D. he had no Wolfsbane or anything, though he thankfully hadn't attacked anyone that night. He took precautions from that night on.

He suffered a slight personality shift after he was turned into a werewolf, though thankfully he was already an asshole so it wasn't as easily noticed as it could have been. And since he didn't already have super short hair, that bit of growth wasn't noticed either. He does have to cut it more often than he'd like now, but that is a small price to pay, to say the least. He does a couple on his own, so that he doesn't raise suspicion by going to the same barber every week.

Since he is a Ministry employee, he knew that he needed to register with the proper department. He hated having to do it, but he knew he'd get in a hell of a lot more trouble if he didn't, including losing his job. And while he had something he could fall back on (the side job mechanic thing), he didn't want to have to do that. He also made sure to get his Wolfsbane potion early enough every month so that he took it in time. The last thing he needed or wanted was to put his life in jeopardy.

He has found that his job has become a bit more difficult as of late. His bosses tend to keep a closer eye on him. And while he understands why, he doesn't like it. he's never given them a reason to think he'd do anything that wasn't appropriate or worthy of his post. He'd never knowingly put anyone he worked with in danger, though, unfortunately, shit sometimes happened. He didn't have a partner currently because of this, though that isn't necessarily a bad thing as far as he is concerned.
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