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quidditch. sweet candy. lollipops. getting her way. cats and bunnies. swimming. bikinis. sandwiches. winter. snow. the holidays. being doted on. romance. romance movies and books. suspense novels. shopping. shoes. dressing. getting her hair done. big parties. eye rolling at other people.
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horror movies and stories. camping. being outside for too long. humidity. her hair being touched. dumb physical comedy and humor. big dogs. spicy food. tangy and sour candy. being around her mother. spending too much time with her siblings. being criticized. prudes. being scoffed at.
lu's history
Lucy is anything but your typical girl. She has never been one much for being typical actually. She was born into the world in a blazing screaming glory and she plans on going out that way as well. She was a spitfire of a child who liked to get her way no matter what and it was usually in everyone's best interests when she was a little girl to just give her anything she asked for. It was better than when she was told no and then she had to start screaming for it next and all. Lucy was a very grunting sort of child and toddler and she spent a majority of her time when she was in those years of her life just sort of being the princess and getting everything and anything that daddy could possibly give to her, which was everything because she would bat her eyelashes at him and pout her little sweet lips. Her mother, on the other hand, was not so willing to give in as much.

Even when she was a mere toddler and young child, Lucy and her mother often found themselves butting heads and it would cause for quite a bit of conflict in the house whenever her father would give her something right after her mother had told her no. But Lucy always saw this as her being a daddy's girl and it wasn't that she didn't love her mother as well, she and her mother just did not see things in the same light and way that she and her father did. Which was that the world was a better and brighter and happier place when Lucy got whatever Lucy wanted. Really.

As she got into more of her child based years and all, Lucy was finding herself becoming more and more sort of on the apathetic and lethargic side of things. Where as her sister, Molly, would make attempts for them to hang out and be friendly and do sister based things, Lucy was sort of just wanting to always sit at home and do nothing really. It wasn't that Lucy didn't love having an older sister or that she didn't do things with her from time to time, but she was just not totally into the whole being best friends with her older sister and being all buddy buddy was all. Lucy just wanted to do her own thing most of the time and be left the hell alone, even when she was only about nine or so, it was much easier for her to try and stay out of trouble with her mother if she was left alone. Usually.

There were always boys around though. Lucy had started to notice that at a very young age that it wasn't just her father whom she could bend with her pinky, but her male cousins and the friends of her cousins were easily bending to her every whim and want. Usually. From time to time they would tell her no, but generally for the most part Lucy got her way with them as well. This was something that probably pissed others in the family off but Lucy didn't notice nor did she really care all too much anyways. She was just a kid after all. For the most part anyways.

Now the way that Lucy acted as a young child did not fully make up for the young preteen that she eventually did become. She actually started being more loving and caring towards her family, even her mother, but especially towards her older sister Molly. She started wanting to do things with her sister and she began to actually care about what her sister thought and wanted to do and what not. It was almost like an entirely new Lucy all together and after her sister left for Hogwarts it actually felt a bit like a punch to the gut being home with just her mother and father. It was weird finally wanting to be around her sister and then suddenly not having her there all of the time to be with. Lucy had started to almost grow dependent on Molly's company and felt a bit like she had been abandoned in some way, not to Molly's fault really, it was just a strange new feeling to Lucy was all.

But eventually she got her letter acceptance to Hogwarts as well. She was excited and gleeful and could not wait to finally join Molly at the school that everyone in her family was constantly talking about in such a fun and fascinating way. Once she got there, the castle was all lit up light a birthday cake and her eyes widened to the sight and view. She went through the sorting ceremony and was placed into Slytherin alongside one or two of her cousins. It wasn't so bad there really. She had made friends rather quickly and easily in that house within her first year or two. She fit right in like a snug little red haired glove. Perfectly in fact.

The years at Hogwarts that Lucy had thus far were the best years that she had ever had in her entire life. In her first year she made best friends with a fellow Slytherin girl whom she was beyond close with. They did everything together. They snuck out late at night into the kitchens for a midnight snack together. They were partners for everything in class together. They shared beds at times when one of them had a bad day as well. But the one thing that they did not share, and Lucy thought this was an obvious and apparent thing between the two of them; was the idea of sharing boys and crushes together as well. Lucy thought that much was off of the table at least, but not to her best friend as it would seem. Not at all.

Her best friend soon started to date the boy that Lucy had been eyeing for two years when they were in their third year. It wasn't anything serious. It was all puppy love, sure, but that didn't make it hurt any less or feel any less like her best friend had just stabbed her right in the back and betrayed her big time. Oh it was bad. Lucy called her out on it in the middle of dinner one night in the Great Hall in front of a whole crowd of students and even some staff members. She claimed that her friend had done the lowest thing she could do and that there was no going back from it. The loyalty that she had once thought that they had had was now gone; and Lucy hated her for it so much. Lucy still hasn't spoken to the girl since that day and she, as of right now, does not plan on ever speaking to her ever again if she has her way about it.

Despite what she might seem like at times, Lucy is actually a rather calming young woman. She is someone who can easily manage to find solace in something and calm herself down whenever she might need to. Provided she also wants to though. It's all about self control for her in her mind. Lucy sees no point in doing something if one does not have complete and utter self control over the situation or action at hand. She hates not having control in a situation and it often leads to her needing to find solace and a calming space if she does somehow manage to not gain control or lose it in some process in time. There is just something about control that Lucy needs and craves. There is just something about the way it makes her feel that she loves.

But sometimes control can become over controlling too. Lucy knows this and she acknowledges the fact that sometimes she can also micromanage a situation as well. She doesn't see anything wrong with this and to be honest she doesn't really know why it is such a problem for other people as well anyways. Lucy thinks that control is just a way that she ensure herself to be safe and have the best outcome in any situation. There is nothing wrong with that for her really. She doesn't want to end up losing control and then having to start from square one all over again. If she can avoid it, even with being over controlling, then she will. Big time.

If there is one major thing that Lucy holds higher than any other part of her personality and values system; it's loyalty. She considers herself a very loyal person to her family and friends and she has seen plenty of back stabbing in her life, alot of it done to her personally, and she is less than impressed by what that sort of thing can do to people. So she holds loyalty to be one of the greatest and most treasured things in her life and in the world really to her. She wouldn't go so far as to fall on a sword for another person, unless it involved her sister or something maybe, big maybe there. But she is the sort of girl who has developed herself to be the sort of girl that stands up for those whom she loves and is close to. If she has faith in someone and believes in them; then she believes in standing up for them as well.

As she has gotten older and into her later years at Hogwarts, Lucy has found that loyalty in family is the best kind of loyalty and somewhat the only one you can truly lean on and depend upon. Lucy has had too many friends turn their backs on her and stab her in said back. She can't continue to deal with that sort of shit in her life, so she cuts people out fast when they can't be loyal to her. Although she is a notorious flirt and has a hard time with being in relationships with others in a romantic and platonic way, she does hold loyalty still up high as a life moral and lesson for herself. Lucy doesn't consider herself a saint by any means, but she would like to think she isn't as bad as a devil anyways; right?

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