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Beckett Ignatius Goyle
Beck's likes
his guitar, music, writing, competition, having a good time, good food, reading (shhh, don't tell), his siblings
Beck's dislikes
being forced to do something, failing, being judged, not being good enough, when people ruin his good time, detention, the way his mom treats his oldest sister
Beck's history
To be born into a family of known Death Eaters when the world has no real place for them anymore is hard. Like, really hard. Thankfully though, I am not the oldest born Goyle of this generation, so most of the expectations and demands are not placed on me. However, that does not mean that I am not expected to hold up the family name and act like I belong in a pureblood family.

It's weird though. Sometimes, my parents don’t outright say that they expect me to act prim and proper, or to only associate with purebloods of my same status in life, but I know they expect it. Unfortunately for them, I am too rebellious to listen, or to do what is expected of me. I do what I want. Period.

Don’t think it ends there though. No, I am always getting disapproving howlers for my antics, as well as 'long talks' when I am home about how I need to do better and stop getting detentions and what have you. Personally, I don't see the problem. I do well in all of my classes and I am, surprisingly enough, one of the top students in my year. I guess me getting detentions all the time makes them look bad. Like I care?

But, still. I wish they would just let me live my life. I do well in school and I already have a few prospects lined up for work after I take my NEWTs and finish school. They may not care for my profession choices, but it's my job, not theirs. No one but me should have a say in what I do for a living but me. Tell me I'm wrong.

I know I act out when I am in school, and most people think I am a fool that doesn't care about anything but myself and having a good time. in a sense, they are not wrong, but I am not only about that. I can be serious when I need to be, though I try to not be too serious unless I have to be. I am still young so why do I need to be so serious now?

No one knows how smart I really am, and I often try to hide it from people. I don't call out in class and I always appear as if I slack off and don't take my studies seriously. But, in reality, I do. I have never received a failing grade on anything I have ever turned in. some people would probably die of shock if they knew the truth about me, but we can let them keep thinking the wrong thing. After my seventh year is over, it won't matter anyway.
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