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flying. quidditch. being a brat. snogging. sex. pillow talk. pajamas. lingerie. plaid and flannel clothing and shirts. skirts. mary jane shoes. thigh high stockings. her hair. bows and pearls. roses. expensive perfume. fashion shows. reality tv. muggle vehicles. trains. boats. swimming. bikinis. the ocean.
demi's dislikes
the dark. being left alone for too long. planes and flying. fire. glitter. latex. leather. pigtails. overly tattooed people. too many facial piercings. being left out of the loop. gum snapping and popping. horror movies. messy shoes. overly high heels. handcuffs. whining. complaining. being told no.
demi's history
You were born almost last. But not dead last at least. That was for your baby sister that came after you. But the start of your life was all about you. Being from a pureblood family meant that there was alot expected of you just from the very start of your existence and life. Not that you knew any better anyways; you were just a bright blonde haired baby with big blue eyes and an even bigger mouth. All to cry with endlessly into the night with; of course.

Growing up with two older siblings and a baby sister meant that you were sort of stuck in the middle. Not completely so, which was slightly even more confusing as well, but you made the most of it. You loved family time and vacations to the beach during the Summer time as well. You adored your older brothers so much and truly did your best to get along with your baby sister; but it was your brothers you related to more so in alot of ways.

You loved playing in the water and mud and dirty and getting all around dirty as much as possible really. There was nothing about being outside that you did not love. You were still rather girly all the same as well, but when it came to being at home and being your true self? Well; nothing quite beat running back inside after playing in the backyard during a rain storm now, did it? Nope. Not for you at least.

Once you were finally accepted to attend Hogwarts, you could not wait to get going off and such. You did not have friends at home aside from your siblings, which was fine at that point and all, but you were excited to make actual friends outside of your family. But it wasn't that easy. You were sorted into Hufflepuff and for some strange reason; people did not cling onto you like you had thought they might.

Socializing was hard and weird for you from the very start and as the years rolled in at school, it only became harder. You liked people and did try, but sometimes your nerves got the better of you. But thankfully you found something that did help those nerves and anxiety; flying. You loved it from the very first time you put your butt on a broom and gave it a try. It allowed for you to land a spot as the keep on your house's quidditch team in your third year.

Your fifth year was quite a strange year of growth for you when you had your first experience with both a boy and a girl. Not at the same time, but within the same night actually. From a party the seventh years were throwing. You knew you were into both, but there was something off about the time with the boy. It was his age. And it was solidified for you more so that following Summer when you had a fling with a much older man. That made you know for sure, not only were you into both genders; but older men were your personal flavor of tea. And then some.

Now in your final year at Hogwarts, you are the captain of your quidditch team and you are truly on the path to becoming a professional player once you graduate. You have your eyes set on the Harpie's, but really you would be happy with any team taking you on. Truly. It would be a dream come true and you are willing to work however hard need be to achieve this dream.
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