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cats, meat, peppermint (both the candy and anything peppermint flavored), being an auror, helping people, watching quidditch, his grandmother, his extended family (aka all them Weasleys and Potters), children, alcohol, rain, fresh baked bread
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nosy people, people thinking they know everything about him, fake people, the idea of disappointing someone, someone being upset with him, hurting someone (unless they deserve it)
teddy's history
You were born during the war. Though you certainly don't remember any of it. You're family was together for a month before you were left an orphan, both your mother and father dying during the Battle of Hogwarts. You grow up hearing the stories about how brave they were, what they were like. But even though your parents may have passed on you're raised with love, the love of your grandmother and the love of your godfather and his family. You spend a fair amount of time around Harry and eventually his kids, feel as if you are an extension of the Potter clan. You help your grandmother out as best you can, love her dearly and do everything you can to make her proud. You're a well behaved child for the most part. You seem to ave your dad's temperament, though you also have your mother's spunk. You're metamorphamus ability can cause some trouble, your grandmother learning real quickly not to take you anywhere muggles are until you're older and better at knowing when and when you can't use your ability.

It's through you're godfather that you meet Victoire. You're introduced as children, she being only a year younger than you. The two of you get along well and you quickly count her as one or your best friends. You make more, of course, always the sweet little charmer. But you put Vic above them all, your favorite play mate. You're 7 when you decide you want to be an Auror like Harry and your mum. You ask your godfather all kinds of questions and he humors you. You're grandmother is a bit worried at first, but even then she only encourages and never deters no matter how cautious she is. You prove to be an easy adapter, able to learn quickly and get used to things without too much fuss. You can make friends with almost anyone, no afraid to talk to strangers if you need to or even when you're curious about what they're reading or to ask them where they got their shirt. Your grandmother also raised you to be a gentleman and polite, makes sure you say please and thank you and that you treat women right but not to the point of thinking them helpless.

You're a bit nervous when it comes time to head to Hogwarts and you can feel your hands shaking as you kiss your grandmother goodbye and get on the train. During your sorting ceremony you're placed into Hufflepuff and can feel your heart light up with joy since you know it's the same house as your mum. You prove to be a hard worker, spend as much time studying as you need to get good grades. You're kind to everyone you meet, whether they're in your house or not and you make friends rather easily. You're first year goes by quickly and you do well, your grandmother always one to brag to anyone that will listen. And it makes you happy to see her so proud and you know you want nothing more for her to always glow whenever she talks about you. The next year you're joining by your favorite person, Victoire, and you feel happy to have your best friend at school with you. You do whatever you can to help her out and eventually you get to watch over James his first year just as you watched over her all those years. You continue to excel, determined to become an Auror. What was once childhood wishing is now a plausible goal and you want nothing more than to get into the program and know that doing well in school is the first step. You take all the right classes, make connections through Harry, though you make it clear you want no special favors, want to make it on your own. You really buckle down your last three years because you know they're the most important and upon graduation you get into the Auror training program. You know you still haven't quite made it, but you're closer and closer and you're grandmother is proud of you as is your godfather.

And while many seem to think all you did was study, you found time for other things, particularly your last year. You and Vic started dating, you trying to make things work. You love her, of course you do. But you start to doubt that you can ever be in love with her the longer you date, though you hide it. You try to make yourself love her curves, love how small she is compared to you, love everything about her. And you try for years, continue to try even after your family finds out through James after he caught you two snogging on the train platform. But you know deep down it won't last, that you aren't attracted to her in that way. So eventually you sit down with her and explain you're feelings, explain that you love her, but only as a friend, nothing more. You tell her that you think you're gay, that if she was a guy you'd be alright. But she's not and you don't want her to be, love her just the way she is. And she takes it so well and is so nice about it you want to cry. The two of you agree to continue to date until you both figure out who you are and you promise you'll be there for her no matter what.

You start training during that time, begin as a trainee until you're ready to take your test. You always try to give 100%, eyes always on the prize. Eventually you're given you final test and you pass with flying colors. You're more than happy to start work on your own, have no problem taking some of the newer trainees under your wing. You know what it's like to start out and no matter how many years you've been an Auror you do your best to be kind to them all, to give them encouragement and help them whenever they ask for it. During this time you finally figure yourself out, eventually come out to your grandmother though she doesn't seem fazed, tells you that she already knew because of "mother's intuition." She's the only on you come out to for now though, want to wait until the time is right to tell anyone else. You and Vic eventually break up much to the disappointment of everyone involved. You always tell people it was a mutual decision and that you're still best friends. During that time you casually date a few guys here and there, though nothing is serious. You have an express interest in someone, though you aren't sure if he could ever feel the same way so you keep it to yourself and always say that unless he makes the first move you won't ever do anything about it. You focus on your work for now, are content with where your life is at and can only hope you're making your parents proud and are living up to the Lupin name.

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